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275775 Ken Wright <wizard@k...> 2022‑06‑23 FS: Stanley No. 28 Transitional Plane

I've never really been a fan of the transitionals, so I honestly don't
remember how I acquired this one.  It has several flaws; first, the
iron is cracked below the slot and into the cutting edge.  The chip
breaker seems to hold everything together though.  The cap iron,
however, came from a metallic plane and is glaringly wrong.  It does,
however, hold the iron and chip breaker in place.

Standard Old Tools terms; first one to say "I'll take it" gets it.  I'm
only asking $5, partly because of the damaged iron and the wrong cap
iron, partly because the entirety of Patrick's Blood and Gore entry for
this plane consists of, and I quote, "Burn..."

Looking forward to hearing from someone!

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