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275759 Michael Blair <branson2@s...> 2022‑06‑17 Re: How much worry should this crack cause?
So, a very expensive table with a defective board and a defective repair
made at the factory...  What did the factory say?  The store where it
was purchased -- what did they say?  The wood obviously hadn't stopped
moving.  I agree with Don -- the dealer and/or the manufacturer have an
obligation.  In using an epoxy filler, the very first thing is to
stabilize the wood around where the filler is to be used by saturating
the crack with multiple application of thin epoxy.   Either that didn't
happen, or the wood had *really* not finished moving. 

If the board had to be repaired before being used it was a bad choice
IMO.  To me, that makes it a manufacturer problem. 

Maybe, as Scott wrote, the wood  has finished its journey.  Maybe not. 
Keep a watch for further movement, but let the manufacture know the
problem immediately.  Top dollar furniture (well, top dollar anything)
requires using top dollar materials. 

Mike in Woodland

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