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275119 Chuck Taylor 2022‑01‑20 Re: unknown trademark
Carlo wrote:

As for the differences between Dutch, French and German planes, traditionally
their shapes have been dictated by the planemaker guilds. So in The Netherlands
all smoothing planes are rectangular. In general this is the same in France.
Only in Germany we see that nearly all planes are horned. So if I see a horned
wooden plane, the biggest chance is that it’s German or from a Germanic country
or region. And this last point is where it gets a little fuzzy, because the
French-German border has shifted a couple of times in the past and the eastern
part of France is in fact Germanic.

Thanks. That would explain why my French Stanley Goldenberg chisels look a lot
like German MHG chisels. The Goldenberg chisels were made in the Alsace Lorraine
region of France, near the German border.

Chuck Taylor
north of Seattle USA

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