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275106 Chris Wolf <hframe79001@g...> 2022‑01‑18 Re: Juicer repair
The break to be repaired appears to be in the outer case of the juicer, so
there is no direct or indirect contact involved. Cyanoacrylate glue would be

"In addition, the FDA recognizes three types of food contact. Direct Contact
substances are those that directly contact food. Substances that might come
in contact with food, such as on the outside of food bag or carton, are
defined as indirect contact. Finally, incidental contact substances are
those that rarely contact food and the contact is not purposeful or
continuous. For example, food that contacts an extraneous part of a food
processing machine where contact is not expected is considered incidental."



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I will just mention (quoting the website of The Natural Gourmet Institute):

 Super glue is a synthetic adhesive that binds together broken household
As the major ingredient of super glue is Cyanoacrylate, it is not food safe.
 Cyanoacrylate is a cyanide derivative, which is a toxic chemical that  is
not FDA-approved to come into contact directly or indirectly with food.

 (Likewise: https://iupilon.com/can-you-use-super-glue-on-food-containers/ )


Subject: [oldtools] Juicer repair
My friend Chester, master guitar builder, uses CA cyanoacrylates on all
small gluing that doesn't call for hide glue.
I fixed a acrylic lid for a rice cooker a while ago. Didn't think it would
take the steam but its fine, and happy in the dishwasher too.
All the suggestions are good, but perhaps over kill. Just Crazy Glue with
maybe a tiny thin cloth patch across the crack.

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