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274996 Bill Ghio 2021‑12‑26 Galootaclaus arrived
Between the slow post and procrastinating Galoots I am used to receiving my
Galootaclaus gifts late, so I wan’t worried that mine had not yet arrived.
Yesterday afternoon after all the other Xmas gifts had been dispensed with, my
lovely SWIMBO produced a heavy Flat Rate box she had hidden.  Wahoo. The box had
a return address, but no name. The note inside was signed only Galootaclaus, but
the address looked familiar. I thot I had shipped tools to this address after my
last FS. Sure enough, Jim H from Virginia.

This is Jim’s first effort at being a Galootaclaus and he really outdid himself.
To wit:

two home-made Xmas ornaments

ISSAC GREAVES, SHEFFIELD mortice chisel, 5/16”. I already have assembled a
graduated set of eight mortice chisels, but no 5/16. It has already been cleaned
of all the surface rust and will soon sport a new handle and sharp edge.

Lufkin aluminum folding rule. I don’t have one and have passed on a lot of them
over the years because they have been damaged. My father used to use these rules
so I grew up on them and am happy to finally have a good one.

Smith-made 12” dividers with an 18th C. look about them. These are rough but the
screw and the hinge work and I will enjoy tuning them and adding them to the

Craftsman automatic screwdriver, fully functional.

Jacobs chuck that I can use w/ my drill press for small drills. This one goes
from 0 to 1/4” and will be handy as my large chuck always has problems with
small bits.

Four carpenters advertising pencils to add to my collection, which now numbers
twenty-six unique examples.

two 2/32” Yankee drill bits in original packaging.

A crosspien hammer

two “C” clamps.

five 60 grit sanding wheels

#3 size smoother marked only RED DIAMOND on the blade

a 1" x 1" x 12” wax covered billet — Lignum Vitae??

and finally, a mystery tool marked Zeva Electric Corp. They are spring loaded.
Squeeze the handles together an a blade snaps up across the little gap at the
tip. I assumed wire cutters but all it did to light electrical wire was to bend
it. Dull cutter, maybe?

Thanks a bunch Jim. This haul will give me plenty to do to occupy my time this

Pic at https://www.flickr.com/photos/77280442@N.../51777551540/in/dateposted/

275064 Bill Ghio 2022‑01‑08 Re: Galootaclaus arrived
I reported earlier on my Galootaclaus gifts and among the haul were two that
stood out for me:

ISSAC GREAVES, SHEFFIELD mortice chisel, 5/16”. Lot’s of surface rust.

Smith-made 12” dividers with an 18th C. look about them. Deep rust and they are
rough, but the screw and the hinge works.

They have now been cleaned and a new handle fitted to the chisel. The dividers
are fairly crude as to workmanship and the rust has left major pitting. They
spent about 18 hours in Evaporust so have that tell-tale grey “patina”. However,
the hinge works flawlessly and altho the locking screw looks rather primitive
and awkward, it also functions perfectly. They now reside at my bench and have
been used several times. Wonderful gifts.

Pictures, before and after, here:



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