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275064 Bill Ghio 2022‑01‑08 Re: Galootaclaus arrived
I reported earlier on my Galootaclaus gifts and among the haul were two that
stood out for me:

ISSAC GREAVES, SHEFFIELD mortice chisel, 5/16”. Lot’s of surface rust.

Smith-made 12” dividers with an 18th C. look about them. Deep rust and they are
rough, but the screw and the hinge works.

They have now been cleaned and a new handle fitted to the chisel. The dividers
are fairly crude as to workmanship and the rust has left major pitting. They
spent about 18 hours in Evaporust so have that tell-tale grey “patina”. However,
the hinge works flawlessly and altho the locking screw looks rather primitive
and awkward, it also functions perfectly. They now reside at my bench and have
been used several times. Wonderful gifts.

Pictures, before and after, here:



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