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275062 Frank Filippone <bmwred735i@g...> 2022‑01‑08 Re: How did they make and move giant grindstones and mill stones before machines?
My paternal Grandfather was a stone mason.  He plied his trade in Sicily before
coming to the US pre-1900.  He died just before I was born, but I have stories
from my father....

He told me that Grandpa made millstones in Sicily.  This would have been in the
1870-1890's.  He was a big man, strong.  His brother, who outlived him had GIANT
hands.   It was said he could lift a piece of granite for curbstones by himself.
His brother, my grandfather, was stronger!

Only now do I understand how he most likely made millstones..... and understand
to some degree the hard life it was.

Thank you for sharing.....

Frank Filippone


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