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275061 Darrell <larchmont479@g...> 2022‑01‑08 Galootaclaus!
Greetings to all Galoots, near and far,

Our Xmas here has been gently stretched out over a couple of weeks. What
with kids coming home from school and covid making things weird, we just
sort of took it easy this year.

I opened my Galootaclaus gift last night. And Abraham came through in the
most amazing way!

A small gift, but holy crap, it's Awesome. Nestled in a padded envelope was
a miniature Paul Hamler spokeshave. As many of you might know or guess, I
kinda have a thing for spokeshaves. And this one is beautiful. Lee Valley
can keep their mini tools, 'cause I got me This one!

Thank you Abraham, this is a wonderful gift.

Happy new year all

-- wood hoarder, blade sharpener, and occasional tool user

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