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275041 James DuPrie <jbn.duprie@g...> 2022‑01‑04 Re: wood movement and construction question...
A clarification:
My concern with the shelves over the floor is that, because the shelves
need to be secured to the floor every 38", that they would cause problems
with floor being able to move as it expands/shrinks. The design of the
shelves is to have freestanding sides, anchored at top, bottom, and back.
The shelves are adjustable, so offer no structural integrity.
Of course, that means that if the sides are secured through the hardwood
flooring to the subfloor, there would be an immovable point every 38".....
If I install the floor under, and do it during the most humid time of year,
I guess the issue would go away, as all there would be is shrinkage.....

From what people have said (thanks!) 1/2" of expansion space on each end
would allow for any expansion across the whole floor, so if I did the floor
after the shelves, all I have to do is include some baseboard molding.....

thanks again....


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