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275024 Michael Blair <branson2@s...> 2022‑01‑01 Re: bench froe? wood cleaver?
A hacking knife AKA hack-out knife (which is what we called them when I
was building, glazing, and repairing wooden sash)  I still have a
couple.  Great tool.  Like the others that have been mentioned, it will
do in a pinch.  

But it isn't what you  really want.  All of these are sharp.  What is
wanted is a blade that is not sharp enough to sever the grain, a froe. 
One is illustrated on page 33 of Eric Sloane's A Museum of Early
American Tools.  His illustration shows a smith made tool.  Mine was
factory made in England (can't quite make out the company name).  It has
a blade 2 1/2 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches long and 3/16 inches thick. 
Still made -- Schrade SCHF64 froe, fixed 8.5" blade. 


You  want an edge like a froe?  Get a froe. 

Mike in Woodland

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