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274833 Richard Wilson <yorkshireman@y...> 2021‑11‑23 Re: Tool Mystery
Bear in mind that the fold provides a box for the hooks though, and a lady’s
boot is a delicate thing, like the foot within, so light weight, and probably
size, will count for more than heavy and sturdy, as may be the case with the
same tool provided for a ploughman.


Still in Northumberland. 

> On 23 Nov 2021, at 15:31, Curt Seeliger  wrote:
>> It seems to me this is not the sort of thing one has lying around the
>> house - or barn even. It folds up the way it does because it's meant for
>> travel - a traveler's folding boot jack!
> They fold, something that makes them weaker and does nothing to make them
> more portable. A flat oak/mahogany board with a fulcrum set crossways would
> work as well, be no heavier and last longer.
> Does anyone know if these were sold with matching folding doorstops?

Yorkshireman Galoot
in the most northerly county, farther north even than Yorkshire
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