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274813 Darrell <larchmont479@g...> 2021‑11‑22 molding plane rehab

I've been working on some picture frame stock. My usual choice is a
bead on the outer edge and an ovolo on the inside edge. Not difficult
to do and looks pretty good. It had been a while since I sharpened
these planes, and even after I honed them they were misbehaving.
So it was time for some rehab. Wood moves, and the iron's profile
can change subtly when it's sharpened, so sometimes you have to do

The most common problem is that the sole behind the throat is sticking
up. When this happens you get either no cut or a huge cut. My bead
was doing this. The ovolo was doing fine until it sank to the point of
the upper fillet being cut, then it stopped. Time to reshape the soles.

I use a scrap of carbon paper to find the high spots on the sole, running
the plane over it to leave marks. I also use a rule as a straightedge to
look for fore/aft offsets.  Sometimes just looking carefully for burnished
spots is enough. Then scrape or plane them off. Small hollows and
rounds, scrapers, and a shoulder plane are good tools for correcting
the molding plane soles.

Once i finished this bit of sharpening and rehab the planes behaved
MUCH better!

I tried to put some pix on groups.io for this.

Oakville ON
Wood Hoarder, Blade Sharpener, and Occasional Tool User

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