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274701 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2021‑10‑13 Re: Sheffield brace refit question
Claudio: However, at only about 3/32in in thickness, and situated 
between end grain body & end grain cap, I don't imagine an LV washer 
would have moved enough to disturb anything, regardless of it's grain 

I've taken Kirk up on his generous offer, as a leather washer seems most 
appropriate. I would have tried Lignum Vitae, but it seems less likely 
to have been used by the makers. Else, where would it be?

I apparently neglected to research this brace when I acquired it in 
Ottawa years ago. I recall it was a busy summer, and I've been busy in 
the Galoot-time decade since.

Today I found some info on the makers on gracesguide.co.uk    Brown and 
Flather were neighbours during 1841. It appears the brace was made 
between 1817 when Brown went into business,  and 1850 when the Brown and 
Flather partnership expired "by effluxion of time". Really! That's what 
it says.

Henry Brown patented an anti-friction brace at some time before 1849, 
and Flather advertised himself as making it after dissolution of the 
partnership. I'm unable to say just now with certainty whether my brace 
implements that patent.

Photos now on  oldtools site at https://groups.io/g/oldtools/album?id=263819


On 2021-10-12 5:07 p.m., Claudio DeLorenzi wrote:
> Hey Don
> How’s about a photo?  I’ve never seen a wooden washer on a brace (at 
> least I didn’t recognize it as a washer). I suppose you are thinking 
> of lignum v. Because of it’s self lubricating properties?
> A leather washer would have a bit of give which might be useful in 
> this situation with seasonal movement.
> Cheers from Waterloo
> Claudio
> On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 6:52 PM Don Schwartz  wrote:
>     I have a nice BROWN &c FLATHER SHEFFIELD beech brace reinforced
>     with inlaid
>     brass plates, containing a strong bit spring, which I occasionally
>     use with
>     centre bits etc. There is some wiggle between the rosewood breast
>     pad and
>     the body, probably the result of a missing washer, perhaps
>     leather. Both
>     the breast pad and the body end grain are protected with brass
>     plates, and
>     between the two is a tapered washer. The head wiggles due to a gap
>     in that
>     assembly. The gap is a scant 1/8in. I could make a leather washer
>     to fit
>     there, but I was thinking that a lignum vitae washer might be a better
>     choice. Comments or suggestions appreciated.
>     Don
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