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274697 scottg <scottg@s...> 2021‑10‑13 Scrap pewter
Bitter experience
Scrap pewter

I like to cast pewter for tool parts. Its really cool when you get into it.


I was running low on pewter and I had a chance to buy 8 pounds of scrap 
very reasonably.

Well it turned out to be more like 5 pounds. The candlesticks were 
weighted with 1/2 pound apiece of some kind of clay/resin.  2 of the 
pots had steel weights in the bottom.
2 big thick aluminum cups.

I made a mold from little sticks 1/2 lapped in a tray. Trying to cast 
ingots about 1 1/2 square and 1/2" thick.  I shot cooking spray in, 
trying to keep it from sticking.
This worked sort of. The little compartments leaked some.

   But the worst was what seemed like a small amount of wax residue in 
the bottom of the candlesticks. OMG it billowed smoke so bad it drove me 
from the room in seconds!
   I had to stand in the doorway, take a big breath and hold it, run 
across the shop, put on the exhaust fan, and dash back through the open 

    It took over 1/2 hr to clear.

   I got maybe 4 pounds of usable pewter. Maybe,.......

   Next time I am just buying the damn metal hahahahah

Oh, if I wake up dead tomorrow, tell them what killed me
      yours scott


    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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