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274560 Bill Ghio 2021‑09‑13 Re: Twix Manufacturing Company
> On Sep 13, 2021, at 2:40 PM, Kirk Eppler via groups.io
> All
> You may recall Bill Ghio had a shop smalls clean out a few weeks back.
> https://swingleydev.com/ot/get/274479/thread/#274479
> I grabbed the small dog leg bevel he had, knowing how convenient I've found
> the regular small bevels vs the bigger 6-12" ones.   When it arrived, I was
> surprised to see it was a Twix brand bevel. Having never heard of them
> before, I immediately googled here and other spots , and found a few
> squares and other goodies that have shown up over the years but not much
> info on the company itself. So away I went to see if I could dig up more
> info.

Sorry Kirk to have snipped away all the great history you presented.

I just wanted to note your comment about how convenient it is to have a smaller
bevel on occasion. While I never found a need for the dog leg bevel I do have a
variety of small bevels. This is a pic from my tool cabinet:

For a size comparison, the Universal Bevel in the middle of the pic is the six
inch size.


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