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274527 Kirk Eppler 2021‑09‑07 Re: Anyone know German tool makers of the past? #photo-notice
The site for vintage German toolmaker research is Wolfgang Jordan's site, a
member here.

He does not have Bruder in his DB.


Krik in Half Moon Bay, at least that's how someone else spelled it this

On Tue, Sep 7, 2021 at 9:29 AM sushimonster via groups.io  wrote:

> I've found this small brass calliper, which looks finely made. It seems to
> date from when units of measurement varied across Europe, before widespread
> adoption of the metric system - as it records measurement for Baden (German
> province which used the Zoll, Fuss or Elle unit), Switzerland (Similar to
> Baden, depending on region) and Paris ( the Elle), from the little I can
> find on this.
> As far as I know, Paris was one of the first areas of France to go metric
> in 1795 - which hints that this piece could be quite early? I'm assuming
> that "BRUDER" stamped on the end might be the maker's mark, but I've never
> heard of the name Bruder as a tool or instrument maker?
> Has anyone come across other tools baring the name Bruder at all? It's a
> nice little find, so I'd really like to fill in some knowledge gaps about
> it if I can, before I store it away in the very crowded "Mysteries I
> haven't solved yet" draw :)
> ...but then there's that strange dot under the D. Does that mean an
> abbreviation of the name, or is it just a random mark in the brass?
> Apologies about my rusty German knowledge - it's been a while since I took
> it at school.
> https://groups.io/g/oldtools/album?id=267887
Kirk Eppler

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