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273921 Kirk Eppler 2021‑06‑11 Re: Stanley 71 #photo-notice
On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 5:21 PM Kirk Eppler via groups.io  wrote:

> I imagine the arched mouths might have a bit of trouble reversing the
> clamp, but I've never tried.
Yes it will work.  May not be comfy to tighten, but there is space there.
Interestingly, this one is in my rehab pile, and this is how I found it.


 On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at Dan Beck opined:
However, I don't really want to try and alter the blades either.

I knew I had a terrible time with mine, so I had a minute to go to the
garage and grab it.  Turns out my user seems to be a Type 2.  Got it
without a blade, and later found a vintage blade.  Later added some LV
blades that I have no idea where they are at the moment.  You can see that
the clamp will only drop so far, and I had to scary sharp the blade to get
it to work in the tool.  All 4 vertical faces were polished, and the only
way that clamp is coming off is if the screw is retracted all the way off.
So my theory is that the clearance on the original ones was a bit tighter,
and the blades may have been a bit smaller.


Looking at the bottom of mine, you can see it is in primo collector shape.
However, I felt no shame in polishing the inside of the Vee on the clamp.
Cuz while this may only be original once, the odds of anyone else finding a
vintage skinny blade to use in it are probably quite slim, and I feel
better owning a usable tool than a pristeen shelf queen.


Kirk in HMB, time to start making dinner.  OK, reheating pizza, and
retossing a salad.  But it's still dinner.

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