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273565 Graybeard <veggie@b...> 2021‑05‑03 Re: home made sanding compound?
I live in the center of Shaker country, northern Columbia County, New York and
eagerly read what I can about Shaker craft.

I recall reading memoirs of an elderly Shaker gentlemen who, having served as a
journeyman (in the literal sense) at a number of Shaker colonies, had returned
to Mt Lebanon and was setting up a shop for himself.  He obtained some lumber
from a nearby sawmill (probably Shaker) for his bench then walked to Albany to
buy some planes (25 miles or so each way, sleeping rough).

When he returned to Mt. Lebanon, he gathered some glass bottles, smashed them,
ground the powder to make it finer, then glued the powder to paper to make his
working abrasive (an early sandpaper).

Bottles still being available, I've been tempted myself.

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