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273359 Mick Dowling <spacelysprocket@b...> 2021‑04‑06 Re: Box or Case for Large Oilstone
Ed, Richard

Did you guys start this thread to drag me out into the open!

I’ve written and said this so many times over the years that if you were to go
into the archives you might be able to find the next few sentences already
posted by me in a previous rant.

I have never cracked open a long dead tradesmans tool box, shoved a hand in,
ouch, dragged out a bloody partially severed finger, and thought ‘man that old
bloke kept his stuff sharp’.

Chisels, plane blades, rounded over and in need of serious remedial grinding. 

Saws! Uneven teeth, uneven set. If you could ask one of these long dead
oldtimers ‘how’s your fleam working’, you’d probably get a smack across the

But they pumped out incredible work.

That’s enough. Need a rest now. Seeing stars, that’s not good.

Mick Dowling
Melbourne Australia

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