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272873 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2021‑02‑21 Re: Newly-found joiner's toolbox
Mike wrote:

>   There were commercial veneer inlays, like flowers and various bluebells for
borders.  He'd worked at the Pullman car plant for years.
Ah! I can cite an example of Pullman's use of such inlays! There is an old RR
observation car, modified to just tables & chairs, attached to the Clinton
Station Diner in Clinton, NJ.  There is inlay on the vertical stiles between the
windows.  Their website has a photo showing the inlay, but it isn't a good

> The two stones were in oily wooden blocks, both very dished and both broken in
halves.  The dish was more than a quarter inch.  Years later I used a surface
grinder to flatten one of them, it worked very well.

My father used epoxy to re-join the broken halves of grandfather's large stone.
The epoxy wears so that it stays flush with the top of the stone; there is no
bump.  He used an "un-filled" two-part epoxy. (No metallic or other fillers.)

John Ruth

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