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272120 Peter Marquis-Kyle <peter@m...> 2020‑11‑16 Wanted: a 1/4" side beading plane
From time to time I get involved in the conservation of this house in 
rural Australia:


Some tool-related information is here:


The custodians of the house have received a grant to make a video 
explaining how the house was built, by hand, around 1908. I have 
volunteered to help stage a 're-enactment' to demonstrate the process of 
pit-sawing and hand planing the framing members and tongue-and-groove 

I already have all the period-correct tools, except for one -- a 
suitable wooden plane for putting beads on the boards used for wall and 
ceiling linings.

If you have a wooden quarter-inch side bead plane, in user condition, 
that you are prepared to part with for a moderate price, please get in 
touch. If the tool is in Australia, so not expensive to ship, that would 
be a bonus.

My backup plan is to use my Record 405 (Stanley 45 clone), but I am 
guessing the original builders used a wooden moulder rather than a fancy 
metal combination plane.


Peter Marquis-Kyle
272129 james bennett <jlb5542@g...> 2020‑11‑18 Re: Wanted: a 1/4" side beading plane
Morning - Looks like Josh's Hyperkitten has the needed plane up for sale,
albeit it's in the USA. Inventory number is MP4783.


On Sun, Nov 15, 2020 at 8:13 PM Peter Marquis-Kyle <
peter@m...> wrote:

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