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272125 Kirk Eppler 2020‑11‑16 Re: windows above benches
How about a project someone else started, a box for example, that I finally
put the lid’s hinges on 40+ years later.  Or finishing (shellac etc) a
project that has sat at 95%.

So many complications, that have real backstories with them.

Kirk, in Half Moon Bay, whose weekend was spent on repair and cleaning of
non list sanctioned items.  Tho the cookies that come out of the mixer
might be sanctioned, or at least acceptable at a BAGaThon.

On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 9:14 AM Paul Gardner  wrote:

> How does one measure the starting point?  For example, if one completes a
> dimensioned drawing of the project but didn't actually start cutting
> cellulose until 20 years later, does that count as a 20 year project?
> -Paul, in SF, who completes no project before its time
> --
Sent from my iPad, apologies for the Auto Correct errors. Kirk

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