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271931 Chuck Taylor 2020‑10‑14 Re: Adam's shop [Was "crown molding application to bookcase"]
Gentle Galoots,

Pardon me for hijacking this thread to talk about some other goodies in Adam's
shop photos.

Adam, you wrote:

> Photos here of the case as it stands, and the moulding in
>question. ...


> I threw in some gratuitous photos of milling the back...

Thanks for doing that! I love that frame saw! Where did the blade come from? How
do you get it started accurately with teeth that size? Judging from the looks of
your cabinet back, it appears to work a treat!

I see that you have installed a planing stop with steel teeth on/in your bench
top. Like Chris Schwarz has been touting lately. How is it working for you? Any
problems with the teeth marking the ends of the stock?

Nice-looking pole lathe!

I like the way you have mounted a twin-screw vise at what looks like the left
end of your bench with fixed screws and movable nuts. I've seen it done that way
in some of the old historical illustrations that Chris has made available, but
nowhere else.

I put a leg vise in the front vise position of my bench because with a 5" thick
bench top, having the screw[s] of a conventional front vise or twin screw vise
run under the 5"-thick bench top would lead to too much vertical racking to suit
me. Putting an end vise with fixed screws like yours on the left end would solve
that problem. But the leg vise is staying! I've been intending to build a
"Moxon" vise but have been put off by the prospect of mounting/dismounting it as
needed and finding a place to store it. Mounting a twin-screw vise like yours
would eliminate my need for a separate Moxon vise.

Those wooden screws look they were made using one of those 1-1/2" Taiwanese
threading kits sold by Woodcraft and others. Is that right?

Thanks for sharing.

Chuck Taylor
north of Seattle USA

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