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271921 Thomas Johnson <drthjo@g...> 2020‑10‑13 Puzzled by a shave
Greetings Gracious Galoots ...

I know it's been awhile since I posted ... but now, again, I'm turning to
the list for help with an ID.  I have a shave that is for all the world a
Stanley 62 reversible/double bladed spokeshave.  However, it is not marked
except for the patent date under the handles.  It is in minty condition
....  beautifully japanned etc. but no knurling on the handles ... no marks
on the blades ... just "PATENTED   APRIL 18, 1876 OR 1896 ...  Could it be
an early prototype?  Doesn' seem like it would be a knock-off with the
early patent date.
Anyone?  Anyone?



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