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271917 "Adam R. Maxwell via OldTools" <oldtools@s...> 2020‑10‑13 Re: crown molding application to bookcase
> On Oct 13, 2020, at 06:32 , scott grandstaff  wrote:
> Battery drills/screws or air brads have taken over and hardly anyone even
remembers brads.

I have an air brad thing, but it only gets used for house
projects (like all the baseboards I replaced this summer).

Dumb question: are brads basically just smaller finish nails?
I used some too-small brads for the moulding on a prior bookcase,
and it sort of fell off. Finish nails from the Borg seem too big.

So far, I really appreciate the input from you, John, and Richard,
as you've suggested some things I hadn't really thought of. As the
moulding is taller than the case top, I could take advantage of
that by fixing blocks to the back of the moulding, and nail those
to the case top.

Photos here of the case as it stands, and the moulding in
question. It's not as pretty as Scott's, that's for sure!


I threw in some gratuitous photos of milling the back and also my
Atkins stair saw (appears to be set up for push stroke, and filed
crosscut; it looked almost NOS when I got it).

There's also a photo of my mitre jack, which broke while trimming
the first cut :/. Good thing I had the glue pot warmed up.

Adam, late for work again in Benton City, WA

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