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271575 scott grandstaff <scottg@s...> 2020‑07‑31 Re: Painting cast iron lettering
Painting iron lettering is hardly different from painting glass 
lettering on antique bottles.
   So its in my wheelhouse.

   One shot sign painters paint has no equal. Its crazy opaque.
Second choice, as always, good old Testors model paint. Both are super 
fine pigment and lots of it.

Dabbers and daubers and paint applicators will all work. You can make it 
easy to read the lettering with practically anything.
    But being as they are molded with plenty of irregularities, the 
lettering looks, well often, pretty crappy.

     If you want the lettering to look nice you have to take a 4-0 (0000 
that means tiny) red sable brush, and magnification, and recreate the 
embossing yourself.  Evening out the mold irregularities as you go.
  On the occasions when you want it to look really good?
Because the piece is special and it really deserves to be highlighted?
  This is how.
     yours scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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