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271553 galoot@l... 2020‑07‑29 Anarchist's workbench available for free download
Gentle galoots and good gentles,

During my twice weekly use of a real keyboard with real wifi computer 
(perk of being on the livestream team at church since the library is 
closed) I was catching up the Lost Art Press blog a while back and 
downloaded it.  Try


He is retiring the term "anarchist" because it is seriously 
misconstrued at the present time.

He reviews all the benches he has made and then gives his final design, 
which is an update of his first one.  Excellent read and the price is 
nice.  I made my bench early in 2003 before he really got rolling based 
on Bob Keys good fast cheap design with a double plywood top neatly 
edged with 1x2 and portable vises. The basic concept of heavy is all 
there (I was tired of stressing the connection of my kitchen peninsula 
to the wall when planing a chair seat ;)  Once thing I missed and am 
about to fix is I didn't understand the function of a Moxon vise, now I 
do; it's a way to get a twinscrew front vise that can hold a chair seat 
while you shape the edge, I am gearing up to make one with Acme 
allthread  for the screws.  Any gotchas before I get too far?

Stay distantly safe, and spare a thought or two for the 10.5k people 
who are home instead of at or on the way to Pennsic.


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