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271434 Mike Rock <mikerock@m...> 2020‑07‑09 Pedal power in a 100 year old sewing machine

Check out the photos of this Landis #1 harness stitching machine. There 
are many photos, some of the pinstriping and decal work are awesome 
gold.   He has a toy on his that I am missing.  Below the horizontal arm 
that holds the shuttle and bobbin, there is a large iron casting.  Below 
it is a small platform.  The big thing is a boiler that heated hard wax 
and below in the shelf is where the kerosene burner went.  Check out his 
knife engraving photos and eat your heart out...man.....talent!!

I have neither the boiler or the burner.   If  you know of one of these 
machines in hiding or not in use, I would love to correspond with the owner.

Old Tools content.........yup, you pedal, like a Barnes treadle saw or 
small lathe..  I got to  use a Barnes metal lathe, treadled for an hour 
to do some fancy work.  It's still sitting in Beloit, WI, hasn't been 
used since 1980.

Any help really appreciated.  Most folks sent the cast iron boiler and 
burner to scrap drives during WWII.  My machine dates around 1905 and 
sews 7/8" harness with no issues.

God bless.

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