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271348 Erik Levin 2020‑06‑29 Re: Call for ingenuity: loosening a wooden screw
Tom asked:

> Advice, and renditions of Stairway to Heaven on non-traditional instrument,
> are welcome.

For the threads, the only thought I would have is to rehydrate the cap to get it
to expand. Might not be the best way, or even a good way at all, but I can think
of no other. I might, being not wrapped as tightly as I should be, might put a
few CC of water in a rubber balloon and then stretch the neck over the cap so
that the end grain of the cap is exposed to the moisture within, but the handle
is not. Then let is sit so that moisture can work in. I'm sure there are better

For the music, you will find a number of renditions on steel drum (a genre I
appreciate when in certain moods), as well as what might be my favourite, you
will find one as done on the didgeridoo. Maybe more than one. Then, of course,
you have the "Gilligan's Island (Stairway)" version from the late 1970's.

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