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271337 Frank Filippone <bmwred735i@g...> 2020‑06‑25 Re: How to file a BackSaw?
A lot of good information was given, and I thank you all for that.....

In preparation to start this first experiment in saw sharpening, I went 
to look on Paul Sellers site to see how to do it.....  I wanted to get 
all the angles right and pick up some tips.  Paul always has good 
information and shows how to in his videos....

Everything was fine, he started with a panel saw of 8TPI or so..... He 
was going to file this saw as a crosscut.....  But Paul did not use any 
fleam..... and set the angle of the file at 65 degrees or so....I was 
learning a lot....

Then he goes on to say.... for saws with more than 10TPI, it makes no 
difference if you file rip or crosscut......  My back saw is 12 TPI.....

I am not going to take Pauls' advice and sharpen it rip.. and use it 
crosscut.....I am going to file it crosscut but with no fleam. The only 
difference is that Paul uses 65 degrees of file angle and rip is 90 
degrees.  No big deal.

I have sharpened a few saws in rip pattern.  It is really not that hard 
to get the saw working pretty well.....  This saw is going to need a 
couple of passes to get it cutting correctly.... the teeth are really 
dull.  And I am going to joint it at least once.... maybe twice to be 
sure.....  it will be some work, but I think it will be worth it.... It 
will be used in a wood miter box, and I intend to use a chute board to 
make the ends smooth anyway.... so the tear out will be fixed anyway...

Will joint, file, joint, file and then set the teeth.  No matter what, 
it will cut better than it does now.....

Frank Filippone

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