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269942 Michael Suwczinsky <nicknaylo@g...> 2020‑02‑14 Re: Anvil
trying to do the 'least-I-can-do" Google search on Milwaukee anvil history
is not a satisfying past time. Milwaukee Tool is, apparently a modern
company with a host of tool like products, and the cross referenced
mentions of the 'sconsin city, the History Channel TV show etc make that
search  less than fruitful

I checked a few of the forums I frequent and there 's a decade old
reference to Milwaukee Tool distributing English Brooks anvils, but that
thread devolves into bashing modern anvils and warnings about letting
machinist mill anvil faces.

A good reference might be Richard Postman's book, Anvils in America. An
expansive, expensive book that details pretty much everything known about
the American Anvil market, but there are still a lot of gray areas. I got a
copy of the book thru Inter Library Loan, and its available for sale from
Anvilfire.com.  I would suggest you go to the Anvilfire website, look for
the forum the Guru's Den and look for Jock Dempsey's 'guru' signature line
on one of the posts. Clicking that link and forwarding pictures of your
anvil (like the OldTools list, the forum doesn't support pics, but Jock's
email does)  will get you the fastest response I can think off.

Michael-Who only photocopies the Peter Wright sections of AIA

On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 11:41 AM Joseph Sullivan 

> Still wondering if anybody knows about Milwaukee anvils?
> J
> Joseph Sullivan


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