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269940 Michael Suwczinsky <nicknaylo@g...> 2020‑02‑14 Re: [SPAM?] Anvil
I'd read something on one of the forums that the English anvil
manufacturers had pretty much divided up the world and Peter Wright got the
United States, while Brooks, among other makers, were distributed on the
Continent.  Apparently a Brooks Anvil in the US is a rarity.

There DO seem to be a lot of PW's on this side of the pond.

Scott, you're breaking my heart here! There's also some sympathy back pain
from your backcountry tong haul!   The perfect is the enemy of the good
enough.  My first anvil was a 75 pound section of I beam, with a jackhammer
bit clamped to it for a horn, a drilled pritchel hole for punching and an
angle ground notch for bending.  Various off cuts of steel, (3 x 3 by 12, 2
feet of 4 inch round etc) and currently, something called a 'stand", 3 feet
of 4 inch square with 4 big holes drilled in it, are back up anvils that
eventually get passed onto anvil less smiths.

Any chunk of steel will do.  Come to Ferndale the last weekend of April.
the CBA spring conference will have a wealth of anvils, small to large.
Bring some of those tongs to sell and you might even break even!  I'll
bring the stand and start looking for my next offcut to be passed along.

Still have the I beam, it's loud, a good primer for hitting noisy Peter
Wrights under a sheet metal roof.


On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 4:45 AM Ed Minch  wrote:

> I found a 40 lb (18 kg) Brooks, England anvil for $10, stump included.  It
> looks juct like a big one with a flat plate and a horn, and is the same
> color blue as the Record stuff.  It has a pronounced ring when it is hit.
>  Perfect size for a small shop not doing smithing.  Is this a common maker
> in a common size?
> Ed Minch
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