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269935 "Joseph Sullivan" <joe@j...> 2020‑02‑14 Re: Anvil

I paid about $3 a pound for the 100 pound Peter Wright, and yeah, they’re loud!
The 160 is a bit lower in its ring , if not necessarily any quieter.
it can be a little odd to walk up to a Fisher or Vulcan and hear that dull thud,
but you get over it. $4 a pound is generally considered a fair price for both
buyer and seller, at least between blacksmiths, for a used anvil in good to very
good condition. Oddly there seems to be a premium for both very big (over 300
lbs) and very small (under 100 lbs) anvils. And the French "Pig" anvils, Firminy
is one maker, often top that $7-8/pound range.
Something to dream about.


Although I am not currently set up to use it, I have a fairly large (possibly
260 = 280 lbs - don't recall) heat -treated cast steel Milwaukee anvil.  It has
a nice rebound to it.  I am not interested I selling, but wonder if anybody
knows about them; opinion of quality, and of value?


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