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269929 Kirk Eppler 2020‑02‑10 Found a fun square this weekend.
Gathered Galoots

While running about this weekend, I found a yard sale that was a bit
intimidating.  From the ad: lots of Militaria, around the back, park in a
commercial lot and walk over (so my accomplices can hide the car later),
call my phone to get in....  Hitting all the buttons to say stay away.
Only things missing were dark alleys, late evening hours only.  Needless to
say, Kim and the dogs stayed in the car, while I stupidly went across the
street.   All fears unfounded, fortunately.  Nice guy, pleasant
disposition, knew what he had.

First thing I found was this cool square with nice brass, and interestingly
shaped in the cut outs.  Blade was in horrible shape, but the stock looked
like it would clean up OK,  Had script lettering on the back side of the
stock, LHMP I think.  Had an oddball gauge on the stock that I couldn't
figure out right away.  Turns out, much later that evening, that there is
also a bevel hidden in the stock, and it swings out, and the little
indicator in the stock shows roughly where you are.  I also grabbed a small
block plane, a Jackson open handled split nuts back saw, in rehabilitatable
shape, a couple of tapered plane blades, and what may be the world's
first-found bullnose hollow plane (or is it a round?).  Never seen dry rot
taken to such a level.  Figure a little smoothing of the front end, and I
could make history.   Or just scavenge the blade and wedge, and call it

Turns out the square is a 1874-1887 Stanley #15, type 1.  Vendor said he
thought it was 17th century, I countered it was late 1800's IMO.  Hope he
wasn't laughing at me too hard inside. Since the blade is thrashed, I see
sanding in its future, which bums me out, but life will go out, especially
if it is square enough for general woodworking.

Pics here.

He also had a big 4-1/2" Wilton bullet vise, quite frozen up, which I
declined to haul home for $200.  I knew I couldn't carry it to the truck.
The cannonade in the front pathway only got a second look, figured MS was
doing enough frightening of the neighbors for the rest of us.
Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, who didn't do much else productive this

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