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269928 gtgrouch@r... 2020‑02‑10 Re: Chinachiz
Of course the truly important question is:

	"Where can I get my own set?"

	Gary Katsanis
Albion New York, USA

	-----------------------------------------From: "Chuck Taylor via

To: "porch", "scott grandstaff"
Sent: Sunday February 9 2020 11:38:13PM
Subject: Re: [OldTools] Chinachiz

 On Sunday, February 9, 2020, 8:51:33 AM PST, scott grandstaff  wrote:

 > Those are Chinese carving chisels in the upper right, Joe
 > A totally different animal it took me some time to figure out.
 > My buddy Matthew brought them back from a street market in China
 > he was teaching there.
 > Some of you will remember I'm sure? This was a few years ago.
 > Well, he just brought back the unhandled tools.

 Of course some of us remember, Scott!

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