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269923 Erik Levin 2020‑02‑09 Weekend flea finds
Interesting weekend. I had some actual time again due to circumstances, and
decent weather, so hit a couple fleas.

Nothing very exciting, just a couple Disston saw plates sans hardware, not
rusty, not rare, a few plane irons, and some machinist tools. The saw plates are
retoothable and good steel. The plane irons are better than half life left. The
price was good. A Miti-mite magnetic base work light from the Brown and Sharpe
era. Not rare, but useful. Needs a new cord.

Only real finds were an iron for a No 8 (2-1/2+ wide, thicker than a Stanley but
no identifiable marks under light surface rust) and a Brown&Sharpe 498 (3", with
the offset slot) universal bevel. I now have a  498, 499, and 500. I am now a
collector. I feel shame, but not much.

Cap on the day, unfortunately, was taking the end off a thumb. Making dinner. I
shoulda ordered pizza.

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