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269186 Chuck Taylor 2019‑09‑11 Re: Repairing a Krenovian smoother
Marc and other Gentle Galoots,

If you simply reinforce the existing pin with a metal rod, then you won't need
to do anything to the wedge. If, however, you replace the pin, you may have to
replace or at least fettle the wedge as well.

Chuck Taylor
north of Seattle
who loves his Krenovian smoother


 On Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 1:28:21 PM PDT, Don Schwartz  wrote: 

It strikes me these approaches may be overkill. I would first consider 
simply drilling the cocobolo out and replacing it with something more 
resistant to rupture - Verawood aka Argentine Lignum Vitae for instance. 
And practice less aggression on setting the wedge. ;-)

As well, I wonder whether it might be possible to redrill the sides and 
install a pin with a larger diameter. Even a small increase in size 
should give a considerable increase in strength.


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