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269049 Kirk Eppler 2019‑08‑14 Re: Colonial Homestead
Erik replied to my thoughts:

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 11:41 AM Erik Levin via OldTools <
oldtools@s...> wrote:

> > I only picked up a few things
> to which we all are inspired to question his sanity (or question ours...)

I was on a mission, and down 1 traveler (and 2 more suitcases).  I brought
two suitcases, and returned with 50.1# in one, and 50.2# in the other.
Brought back lots of cider (Had to leave some with Wes G, as my bags were a
bit overweight)  Bringing dangerous things like calipers on planes has made
TSA have concerns.  I expect to return, or call CH, or send my daughter, if
there are any particulars I think I need.

> He then summarized his finds, which included several fine items including
> a 3" Starrett 425 pocket caliper.
> My question would be which model caliper? There were several, including M,
> E, M&E, stainless, and a very rare edition that has a circumference scale,
> similar to the Lufkin 455P.

Unfortunately, just a plain 425, per the 1938 catalog.  Still need to
figure out how the back side is useful.

Kirk Eppler in HMB, dealing with systems hiccuping due to unusually long
file names created by other people.

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