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269047 Erik Levin 2019‑08‑14 Re: Colonial Homestead
Kirk bragged:
> So this trip, I made sure I planned to visit and see what they might have had.
> I had my daughter and her roommate with her, so I couldn't dwadle, but I did
> have a co pilot, bakery tester, and coffee fan along for the ride.  And my
> daughter appreciates tools ever since she pedaled Micheal's Barne
and after a summary, noted
> I only picked up a few things
to which we all are inspired to question his sanity (or question ours...)

He then summarized his finds, which included several fine items including a 3"
Starrett 425 pocket caliper.

My question would be which model caliper? There were several, including M, E,
M&E, stainless, and a very rare edition that has a circumference scale, similar
to the Lufkin 455P.

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