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269028 Bill Ghio 2019‑08‑08 Tools from Grandma's basement
Several weeks ago a friend told me that he was cleaning his Grandmother’s
basement to prep the house for selling and came across some “ a box w/ some
drills that fit in a crank.” (OK, so he’s not a Galoot.) Yesterday the box of
bits appeared. A - pardon the pun - bit of a surprise:


The green box is marked Greenlee but the bits are all Irwin. The 3/8 was missing
but I just happened to have one so the box is now full. The wood box is marked
Irwin and all the bits are there, but as is obvious, they have much more
“patina" than the first set. I have tried them out and they are still quite
good. Funny thing is that the 3/8 was missing from the first set and only the
3/8 in the second appears to have been used. None of the others had wood in the
lead screw and all are sharp. Whatever need that 3/8 hole must have been durned

The brace is perfect. It is marked 813G and certainly looks to be of relatively
recent production, but Walter’s Guide says that the 813 was produced from 1911
to 1947. He notes that some have been “Observed marked No. 813G, with a heavy
duty chuck.” He values the “G” mark about 1/3 higher.  Turns out I have an 813
in the 12-inch size which also has the heavy duty chuck but is not marked “G”.
Show of hands, who else has an 813 marked w/ a “G”?

Here are my two braces:


My buddy said that if I couldn’t use the bits to pass them on to somebody who
can. The brace already has a place on the wall and I am going to keep the wood
boxed set of bits. The Greenlee bits are available for the price of postage.
Ditto the expansion bits. Keeping the spirit in which these were given I ask
that any taker do it from a need for the bits and not for re-sale.


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