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269012 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2019‑08‑07 Color Match for Stanley “Purple” and “Blue” Planes

Has anyone got a paint formulation to match Stanley’s “purple” and “blue”

Picasso had his “Blue Period”.  So did Stanley.  Their Handyman tool line, in
particular, was blue with red trim at one time, although I have one that’s a
green hammertone metallic.

If not an actual formulation, can anyone provide a “standard color” reference
for either?  I mean a reference to the RAL, ANSI, or otherwise widely-understood
color standards?  Something I could take to a paint vendor without being brand-

There are at least two local paint shops which do custom-matching but the purple
examples I have seem to be faded, so this would be a last resort.

And, BTW, are these late Stanley colors paint or japanning?  

John Ruth
In rainy Metuchen, NJ
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