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268869 Kirk Eppler 2019‑07‑09 New Brand to Me, BSV

I previously mentioned <http://swingleydev.com/ot/get/268781/thread/#268781>
missing out on an Ohio 04-1/4 plane, but won some spokeshaves that were
going to get expensive due to shipping and handling.  Total cost for 2
spokeshaves was $20, so i got away better than I expected.  The first was a
Stanley 53 with the adjustable mouth, my favorite user.  The other appeared
to be a Stanley 60, so I wasn't too excited about it.

Got it home, opened the box, and realized something was different,  The 60
had stippled blade hold downs, something I am used to seeing on a different
brand of spokeshave, the Stearns from 1934 (the double is called a #2)

Flipped it over looking for any ID on the back, and there was BSV Co.
Never heard of them, and I couldn't figure it into Stearns or  anyone like
that.  Decided to google it, turns out to be Buckeye Saw Vise, a company
with Cleveland roots.  Apparently there is an article on the web that
someone killed in a Snit Fit, so I have to research again on my own.  (If
someone has a copy, I'd appreciate hearing about it!)

Here is where I started

Looks like one path** had  John W. Gaede as a founder, (also Garde) here is
the alternate spelling origin
Looks like a typo


Hendricks Commercial Register lists them in 1891 (dang snippet view)  this
is all I get "Buckeye Saw Vise Co. (“Foote”), Cleveland,

A 1905 Iron Age listing ties that in a bit with this link
saying the JB Foote Foundry Company of Frederickstown Ohio is selling  a
Buckeye Saw Vise

In 1917, the American Builder , Vol 24 has a listing for Buckeye Mfg &
Foundry company of Cleveland making the "Buckeye" saw vise.  Not sure if
this is a name change, re assignment of a brand, or what.

So it seems they were in business from 1891 to 1917 or so, when they
dropped out of the Amerian Builder type magazines, and then in 1925, they
show up as a possible forfeited business in a Secretary of State report.
Alternate web searches turn up planes, butt gages, smooth planes, as well
as saw vises.

Some interesting stuff, MJD claimed back in 2004 (list 1494) that BSV made
planes for Shapleigh Diamond Edge.  He has a handle on ebay making that
same claim.   This link may solve that question
*A "DIAMOND EDGE" SMOOTHING PLANE, No. DE04, by Shapleigh Hardware, St.
Louis, Missouri, patented November 22, 1904. These planes were produced for
Shapleigh by the Buckeye Saw Vise Company."*

guess I should add a bit of this to the DAT additions file I am working on.

Anyone have a catalog? Nothing at Archive.org

Oh yeah, and the pictures of mine


** Another (wrong) branch had a pair of brothers descended from Ohlen the
saw maker. Here is one claim that may be wrong.

The Buckeye Saw Vise Company was founded in 1896 in Columbus, Ohio by
brothers John and Charles Ohlen, who had apprenticed with their saw-making
father, James Ohlen. The brothers appropriated the name of their new
company from the nickname Ohioans had adopted for themselves, after the nut
of the Ohio Buckeye tree, so called because the pattern on its nuts is said
to resemble the eye of a male whitetail deer.

The above link may have confused several names, per an Iron Age period
reference from 1893.  Charles and John may have formed the Buckeye Company,
and later changed it to the Buckeye Saw Manufacturing Co. An 1899 Columbus
city directory puts them at the Buckeye Saw Manufacturing Co. We are gonnna
let that side of the potential story die.  But I should add Buckeye Saw
Manufacturing Co to DAT additions file too.

Kirk Eppler in HMB, CA, about researched out for today

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