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268858 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2019‑07‑08 Re: carvers axe/hatchet

The Picard “Ruthe” model hatchet is a sort of olden-style tool, which IMHO makes
it “On-Topic.”

I would ask all galoots to please read all the reviews on Amazon BEFORE buying
the Picard Ruthe hatchet.

Some buyers said it came with a 1,000 gram head rather than the 600 gram head
that’s described.

Others said the head is twisted and/or hung crookedly on the handle.  I can’t
tell from the photos, but one reviewer wrote that the cutting edge is not a
straight line. That would require reforging!

Many said the handle broke easily, although, to many Galoots, that would just
add to the challenge.  Some, but not all, of these handle-breakers admitted to
being axe-throwers.

Many reviewers were dismayed that the hatchet would need grinding and honing
before use.  I’m not sure that’s a legitimate beef; practically every new edge
tool needs at least a touch up before it is truly sharp.

On the plus side, no reviewer has yet expressed any dissatisfaction with the
steel itself.

At best, this is sounds more like “a kit to make a hatchet,” rather than a

John Ruth

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