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268664 Kirk Eppler 2019‑06‑10 Re: Box Elder
I know nothing of box elder, but I did a quick google of uses for Box
Elder, and turning seems like the big one.  Its generally considered the
bottom of the maple family, so softwood crates, or other garbage wood.

Seems to me that maybe secondary woods, drawer sides, dust shields, drawer
dividers might be feasible.  Benchtop, not so much.

Kirk in HMB, who loved the whirligig seed pods of the box elder.

On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 3:16 PM Ken Wright  wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience using box elder?  What would you use it
> for if you had some?
Kirk Eppler in HMB, CA, who picked up off charter tools this weekend.

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