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268307 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2019‑04‑17 Re: unusual corner brace
On 2019-04-17 4:31 a.m., Ed Minch wrote:
> Don
> It’s McClellan’s patent, later made by M-F.  It came with the ball on 
> the end, or the breast pad, as in this one:
> https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/patented-stephen-
> Ed Minch
>> On Apr 17, 2019, at 2:35 AM, Don Schwartz > <mailto:dks@t...>> wrote:
>> Said to be Millers Falls, but I can't find it in any of my digital 
>> catalogues.
>> https://www.jimbodetools.com/collections/whats-
>> Can anyone shed light?
>> Don
Thanks very much. I wasn't able to access the worthpoint, but located 
this article with photos & patent drawings on the New Zealand Vintage 
Tool Collectors Club site.



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