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267622 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2019‑01‑12 Re: Am I going to hell?
On 2019-01-11 1:37 p.m., RH wrote:
> My grandmother who was from a bit further into the Smokies used to say 
> that Buncombe County IS Hell!
> Bob Hutchins, duckin' and runnin' and dodgin' the spittoons in
> Temple, TX, USA 

I guess she never got to Drumheller, AB.


A thermometer is not liberal or conservative. - Katharine Hayhoe

A good row does wonders for raising interest, and to be 'good' a row must have
something to be said on both sides,
  and a proper issue in the middle." - Rosemary Hill, 'Writing About the
Crafts', in The Culture of Craft, Peter Dormer, ed.

Being offended doesn't make you right.

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