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267621 Tony Blanks <dynnyrne@i...> 2019‑01‑11 Re: Using Old Tools (Harry Moos article)
Hi friends,

John Ruth asked:

"Which issue of FWW contains this Harry Moos piece? Not fair to make tantalizing
quotes without giving a reference! "

Issue 30, page 40.  September-October 1981.  One of the good old black 
and white issues.  Found with the aid of the good old ink on paper 
cumulative index Issues 1 to 50.  Just another old tool.

John, thanks for asking.  Its a while since I had reason to use the 
Index booklet and silverfish have moved in and started to chew the 
covers.  Fortunately the actual FWW magazines are printed on hard coated 
paper, sterner stuff.  Just another job to address in a 100 year old 
frame house.


Tony B
in windy Hobart, Tasmania

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