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267278 "Adam R. Maxwell via OldTools" <oldtools@s...> 2018‑12‑04 Re: interesting plane from alameda flea
> On Dec 3, 2018, at 09:50 , Dragon List  wrote:
> the plane is stamped "minzies" on the toe and "j.e.
> cutts" on the side; apparently minzies is in goodman, and was a glasgow
> maker in the 1811-1816 period.  if anyone has goodman, and wants to confirm
> this, i'd appreciate it; i'd also appreciate it if anyone knows anything
> about the maker, or has seen planes by them in the past.

That is a neat plane! When you said 3 pieces of boxing,
I assumed it was lignum mortised in, like the Philly
planemakers. Someone did a heck of a job with that horn.

Goodman 3rd ed. says:

>From the number of marks it seems certain that he was 
>a commercial planemaker. The planes are of standard
>length and include a triple iron, edge-working astragal
>and hollow sash plane. This, together with his name,
>suggests that he was either working in Scotland or was
>of Scottish origin.

Two marks are shown; I'll send that offlist if you want. No
date or address given, though.

Adam, who just spent a pleasant few minutes using a
nice old King & Peach, Hull snipes bill.

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