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267271 Dragon List <dragon01list@g...> 2018‑12‑03 interesting plane from alameda flea
assembled galoots in pre-christmas/current hannukah/pre-solstice cheer,

a few of us went on our annual december alameda fleabag run yesterday, and
much (ga)loot was had obtained.  usually i can keep track of who bought
what, but between kirk eppler, michael suwczinsky, joe jerkins, joe parker,
brian rytel, and i, we packed the tailgate for the end of day shot.  we
actually had to make a trip mid-wander back to the cars to drop off...

kirk or michael or joe or brian will have photographs of said tailgate.

one of the items i managed to score was a center bead plane with unusual
boxing.  it's boxed with horn, 3 pieces, in a sliding dovetail let in to
the sole of the plane.  the plane is stamped "minzies" on the toe and "j.e.
cutts" on the side; apparently minzies is in goodman, and was a glasgow
maker in the 1811-1816 period.  if anyone has goodman, and wants to confirm
this, i'd appreciate it; i'd also appreciate it if anyone knows anything
about the maker, or has seen planes by them in the past.

has anyone seen makers use horn as boxing before?  it's tough to search
for, because of "horn planes"; looking up "horn boxing" didn't yield
anything either.

i tried to upload pictures to GIC but am getting 404 errors.  did i miss
something about changes there?  i wrote to brian about it, though.

kirk kindly allowed me to post the pictures on his smugmug account, so have
a look at https://kirkhmb.smugmug.com/Woodworking/Other-Galoots/Bill-Kasper/
and you can see the little beauty.

enjoying monday best i can,
felton, ca

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