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267268 Phil Koontz <phil.koontz@g...> 2018‑12‑01 Re: How is the Alaska Contingent?
Hi all--

Speaking for myself, but I'm in Fairbanks today, and it wwa barely
noticeable.  Apparently it affected the air traffic control system, because
at least one plane on the way from Fairbanks to Galena turned around and
came back to Fairbanks.  One GK was on it, so he's rescheduled for

I think that the air traffic thing is because there's no Air Traffic
Control radar out there, and the planes rely on a GPS system for instrument
flight clearances.   That may be located in Anchorage.  The only reason I
noticed it was that I was sitting at a restaurant table--people who were
standing nearby missed it.

I assume that we have one or more galoots circa Anchorage, but no direct


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